A 6 Days Condensed course covering all the information you need to know about ADVANCED IMPLANTOLOGY with Prof. Ahmed Halim Ayoub and the SOFT AND HARD TISSUE MANAGEMENT with Dr. Soulafa Belal.

📌 Implantology Module: “2 Days”

🔸 Topics:

1- Growth factors concepts and its use in accelerating healing:

PRF, GCF, Mpm Sticky bone, Plasma lift

2- Sinus lifting

– Anatomy

– Pathology

– External lifting

– Internal Lifting

– Complications & failure

3- Soft tissue management in the aesthetic zone, a novel approach

-Treatment of soft tissue defects in the aesthetic zone with growth factors

-Treatment of bony defects in the aesthetic zone with growth factors

🔸 Hands-on workshops:

1- Preparation of PRF, Sticky bone

2- Sinus lifting external and internal

3- Treatment of sinus perforation

4- Treatment of implant peri-implantitis

5- Bone harvesting techniques using novel tools


📌 Periodontology Module: “3 Days”

🔸 Topics:

1-Hard tissue management in implant therapy

•Different situations indicated for grafting.

•Guided bone regeneration (GBR).

•Types of barrier membranes.

•Types of bone grafts.

•Biological concepts of bone grafting.

•Different techniques for ridge preservation and augmentation from the simplest to the hardest.

•Management of extraction site specifically in the anterior zone.

2- Soft tissue management in implant therapy:

•Different situations indicated for soft tissue management.

•Soft tissue augmentation around an implant.

•Soft tissue argumentation of the ridge.

•Types of the flap.

•Types of soft tissue grafts and different techniques for harvesting.

•Different suturing techniques used from the simplest to the hardest.

🔸 Hands-on workshops:

1-Different techniques for harvesting soft tissue graft:

~Free gingival graft.

~Connective tissue graft techniques (Trapdoor, triangle, one horizontal line, Zucchelli).

2-Different flap design techniques:

~Coronally advanced flap.

~VISTA technique.

~Tunnel technique.

3-Soft tissue augmentation of the ridge and around the implant.

4-Different suturing techniques.

5-Socket preservation technique.


📌 Clinical Case Management Module: “1 Day”


♦ Prof. Ahmed Halim Ayoub;

Visiting Professor in Bari University, Italy

Director Dental smile training and educational center

President of Egyptian society of oral implantology

Fellow of Seville University, Spain

Private practice limited to dental implants

Clinical advisor of Dooox German dental academy

♦ Dr. Soulafa Belal;

BDS, MSc in Periodontology, Oral Medicine, Oral Radiology, and Oral Diagnosis

Faculty of Dentistry, Tanta University

Member of the Egyptian Academy of Periodontology

🏆 Accreditation:

ESOI (ADA CERP provider), starting from ?? credit hours.

🔎 Fees:

20000 EGP for Egyptians and resident

1400US$ for non-Egyptians

🔎 For more info:

☎ For registration contact: “LIMITED number of attendees”


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