Perfection …. a dream that purchases every person to reach a better position in his domain….so , starting from this point , it came to my mind the idea of founding a specialized academy aiming for creating a pathway for dentists to professional practice of dental implantology and we did it……
the ESOI With the help of experienced professionals and the efforts of the promising dentists our dream is making his first steps on the way to reality. Being motivated by the enthusiasm of my colleagues, and their faith in what they are doing, we will be able to work hard for the benefit of both dentists and patients aiming to make dental implants a widely and easily used procedure and to keep the dentists updated to all the recent events concerning dental implantology worldwide, in addition to strengthening the cooperation between Egyptian and foreign dentists.
Finally , I have to admit that we wouldn't have ever achieved what we dreamed of , without the teamwork…..
the team that hopes for your satisfaction.

Wishing the best for all of you.

Dr.Ahmed Halim Ayoub
President of Egyptian Society of oral Implantology

Prof Dr. Amr Zahran
General secretary of Egyptian society of oral implantology