Membership benefits

  • Educate patients about dental implants
  • Develop relationships with other dentists active in dental implants
  • Obtain the best education through ESOI comprehensive dental implant education
  • Affiliation with various universities like royal college of surgeons UK , Sevilla University Spain and Spanish dental implant association . Also we are working to get more accreditation and affiliations from other societies.
  • Advanced educational sessions that foresee the future needs of clinicia

How to become a member?

1) Bachelor degree in dentistry.
2) 100 L.E. as primary registration.
3) For resident members in A.R.E., 50 L.E. annual fees are paid in the duration from 1st February till 31st march
4) For members outside A.R.E., primary fees: 65$ (prepaid annual fees for 5 years + delivery of membership card)

ESOI Junior

-For under graduate Dentists , we established ESOI junior in which they will be a members with a separate board and president to make all activities they would like to do .

-Then those members will move automatically into main ESOI after their graduation