Benefits of fellowship

  • special discount on events and congresses related to the society.
  • For each case, a certificate in given with 5 credit hours which can also be used in other fellowships.
  • Fellowship certificate from ESOI can be stamped from the ministry of foreign affairs in Spain, and can be accredited from any embassy.with extra fees 
  • Board members of fellowship are national and international members.


1) 800 Egyptian pounds for members.
2) 1100 Egyptian pounds for Egyptians who are non-members.
3) 250 $ for foreigners.

Stamps with extra fees: 

From ministry of foreign affairs in Spain plus stamp of any embassy in Spain cost 110 EUROS 

General concept
To obtain the fellowship you must fulfill  one of the following options : 

Option 1:

-50 points are required to become certified member in ESOI . these points may be accumulated through a variety of professional activities .

-Four points are taken in consideration during evaluation:
Treatment plan
Surgical procedure
Follow up ( every 2 months for 6 months )

Some are mandatory others are optional

1) Submission of 5 completed cases (max. 50 points )

- Each case is judged by the certification committee and scored out of a possible 10 points, so a minimum of 40 points is scored for 5 cases to get a passing grade with up to 50 points as a maximum grade.
- A variety of techniques and procedures is preferable - Case presentations must include the following:

a - A brief review on a comprehensive dental examination including medical history and any other considerations normally considered before any dental treatment.
b - Preoperative X ray ( panoramic or CT scan )
c - Guiding stent must be available
d - 2 to 3 photos at least must be taken for implant placement
e - postoperative X ray must be given after prosthesis placement with 2 to 3 photos of prosthesis inside patient mouth.
f - 5 to 6 months follow up with periapical X ray every 2 months with a final Photo of the case taken after 6 months.

N.B. quality of photography is considered in the evaluation of the case.

2) presentation of one case in the monthly meeting of ESOI. ( 1 point for each ) The style and format is flexible and left open.

3) 20 credit hours for every year after the date of achieving his continuing education concerned with implantology ( including attending meetings, scientific days ) only photo copies of certificates is required.

optional: ( 10 points at least must be achieved )

1) Mastership in implantology ( 10 points )
2) certified specialist ( 10 points )
3) Postgraduate certificate in implantology: ( 8 points ) Successful completion of a minimum one year full time, a diploma from an accredited university concerned with implantology is required as a credit in this category.
4) submission of any additional complex cases ( 8 points ) i.e. a case with more than 3 implants.
5) Fellowship of an international academy ( 7 points )
6) Fellowship of any national academy ( 5 points )
7) attendance of one ( 1 point ) to two ( 2 points ) courses or any workshops ( 3 points )
8) Giving lectures / workshops in any national or international academy ( 5 points )
9) Giving lecture for ESOI in any monthly meeting ( 2 points )

Option 2:

a certificate with 120 credit hours from the ESOI or one of the registered training center al over the world + the submission of 5 implant case under supervision of ESOI or one of the registered centered + an online MCQ exam which is held twice per year in June and December